Top 10 Reasons NOT to Cut Piscataway Library's Budget

  1. Access to a free and safe community and educational center that welcomes ALL members of the Piscataway Township community
  2. Computers and Internet access for community members seeking jobs or applying for unemployment -- most basic level jobs require online applications -- as well as technology training for seniors and job seekers
  3. Storytimes for children that introduce the joys of reading and provide the foundation for early literacy and reading readiness
  4. Knowledgeable homework help for students whose parents can’t afford tutors or don’t have adequate Internet access at home
  5. Hands-on tools and opportunities in our makerspace for STEM education for children and skills training for job seekers
  6. Popular Summer Reading Program incentives for young readers to practice essential literacy skills while schools are out of session
  7. Print and ebooks for avid readers who can’t afford to purchase reading and informational materials
  8. A safe space for teens to work on homework assignments and participate with community programs and projects through services like the Teen Advisory Board
  9. Opportunities for new immigrants working hard to learn the English language, find jobs, become citizens and connect with others in their community
  10. Services to homebound residents so that they can continue to have access to reading and educational materials, as well as friendly faces, keeping them engaged with their community

All for FREE at Piscataway Public Library!